Are You Aging Successfully?

No, this time, we aren’t talking about your financial success or your health. Aging successfully focuses on psychology’s connection to happiness. Multiple studies find that happy people live longer. Researchers studied a group for fifty-years and showed that happy ones lived ten years longer than unhappy ones.

Successful aging means being productive, mentally fit, and leading a meaningful life. Another study showed that people between 75 and 85 had fewer dementia cases if they actively danced, read, or played an instrument. It doesn’t seem challenging to live longer if you only have to follow your passions.

Happy people aren’t lonely, which can increase a person’s risk of dementia by 40 percent. Loneliness may be twice as harmful to you as obesity and is a more significant risk to long-term health than smoking cigarettes.

If you want to live longer, it could be as simple as putting a smile on your face and calling your friends. The best news is that there will be ten million people over the age of 85 by 2030, and so you have a tremendous number of people with whom to laugh.

Read HERE for eight tips for longevity. Think of the fun ahead as you live longer and surround yourself with other happy people.