2020 Socks for keeping Warm when it’s Cold

Fall is here and that means winter is around the corner too! That’s how it usually works anyway. Many folks try to protect their feet during the colder months with the thickest socks they can find or multiple socks. Don’t that mistake – here’s a quick breakdown of what to look for: 

  • Thermodynamic Materials – More effective than thickness, these materials insulate and retain heat better than thick cotton. 
  • Moisture-Wicking – Once your feet are wet, there’s no coming back against the cold. Find socks with moisture-wicking qualities. 
  • Circulation – Circulation is critical. Without good circulation, warmblood can’t get around your toes properly. Avoid multiple layers of socks by wearing thermal socks with subtle compression. 

Unsure what to buy? Check out ‘Raynaud’s Disease Deluxe 12% Silver Socks’ or ‘ToeToe Warming Silver Toe Socks’.   Read more about the best-suggested socks for keeping your feet warm here: