A Contingency Plan for Your Pet

One of the many advantages of aging-in-place is having a pet by your side throughout your senior years. For all your dog or cat gives you, one of the best things you can give back is a safe place to reside if you aren’t around.

You may have a friend or relative who loves your pet and wants to care for it some day. You can also look for an organization that cares for pets after the owner’s death.   You can detail your wishes in your will and leave money to the new owner to cover food, occasional boarding, and vet bills. A will isn’t legally binding however, if the new owner spends money on other things. An alternative is a trust for your pet, which is legally binding although it is expensive and inflexible once signed.

As more seniors are aging-in-place and keeping a pet for company, it’s important to set up a plan for your dog or cat to be well cared for when you no longer can.   You’ll see a rapidly wagging tail once they realize that you’ve thought of them in this way!