Has the Pandemic Caused Your Energy Bill to Rise? You’re Not Alone

With so many people staying home and away from the dangers of the COVID world, energy bills are rising dramatically. With the extended hours inside, TV and AC are just two of many devices that are draining electricity around the clock.

While home electricity usage usually peaks in the morning and evening, lockdowns have seen a near-constant use of electricity. Arizona resident and mother of four, Leandra Ramirez, stated that her electricity bill for July was $385 alone. “There’s always a computer on and there’s always an Xbox playing, and there’s always a TV left on.”

Tufts University economist Steve Cicala said “People are sleeping in, later into the day. Then it’s like a smooth increase over the course of the day because they’re at home. And I think people are staying up a little bit later, too. I think this reflects what a lot of people are feeling.”

Read the full article and interviews here: https://www.npr.org/2020/08/17