3D Printed Casts Could Make Healing Easier

Whether you’ve broken your arm or fractured your wrist after a fall, you’ll need a cast. For your entire life, you’ve probably known that these will be rock solid plaster casts that make you mad in the shower and want to itch like you’ve never itched before. But wait, is there a better alternative on the horizon?

3D printed casts are thin, breathable, customizable, waterproof, easily removable, and prevent infection and muscle atrophy. With “increased patient comfort and satisfaction,” they’re made using 3D printing machines that create objects from digital designs. They could revolutionize the healing process for broken bones. 

Sadly, plaster casts aren’t likely to be replaced any time soon – “traditional splints are not that bad”. Plus, 3D technology is expensive and there aren’t enough studies or financial backing to say goodbye to the casts from the past.  

You can read more about the future of 3D Printed casts in full here: https://medicalfuturist.com/where-are-3d-printed-casts/