One Key to Success for Aging in Place

Keep moving every single day!

One of the most significant issues with aging in place is falling at home. Since so many people over the age of 65 want to remain home as they age, being as active as possible will mitigate falls while increasing health.  Did you know that exercise reduces falls by 37% according to a French study, and there are 61% fewer broken bones for elders who exercise? When seniors are active, their muscles increase strength, and their joints are better lubricated. Walking and lifting light weights will not only help prevent falls but also allow seniors to catch themselves when they start to fall, since their coordination improves with exercise.

You can begin an exercise routine with little leg lifts while holding onto a chair, and progress to walking around the neighborhood. The benefits will increase when you take a hike in the woods or follow a yoga class online. In no time, you may be organizing amateur Olympics for the neighborhood senior-center!  Add some fun while aging in place with a little sweat to your brow, and you may find that you won’t ever face a fall!