The Grand Hotel in Fairhope

My mother, and her mother, and her mother’s mother are all from a little town called Fairhope, Alabama.  I spent Summers on the shores of Battles Wharf, learning to crab and flounder with my Great Uncle and seine with my cousins. Maybe even snuck in a skinny dip now and then.
Named one of the South’s top destinations to retire, this hamlet has a lot to offer as a travel destination as well. Simply said, it is gorgeous. Sitting upon Mobile Bay, a brackish body of water fed by 5 rivers and the Gulf of Mexico, Fairhope’s downtown is charming, residents endearing ( If I do say so myself) and if you are lucky, you might experience a Jubilee!
Visiting Fairhope is an easy 5 hour drive from Atlanta, or about an hour from both Mobile and Pensacola Airports.  As we get to the close of Summer, now is the perfect time to go- it can get REALLY hot in July/ August.  So hot, you might overhear allusions to walking into soup, Hades and ole’ blue blazes.
Make sure you go walk the “Big Pier,” visit Panini Pete’s (as seen in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives), and shop at The Colony Shop (shameless plug- my family has owned it for over 50 years).  And I would be remiss not to mention the Grand Hotel- originally a hospital during the Civil War, it is now a sprawling resort covered in live oaks and Spanish moss.  If you don’t stay there- at least go for a cocktail at Bucky’s Birdcage Lounge.
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