Bathing can get better with age..

Bathtubs for Those Who Want to Age-in-Place
Seniors are not the only age group that falls in the bathroom. The issue amplifies, however, as
that older adults tend to have a more difficult time recovering. Broken hips account for over
300,000 hospitalizations a year.  Updating a tub for safety is good practice for every generation, but it can be an excellent return on investment for a generation of baby boomers who want to age-in-place.

There are fast and easy to install DIY products that will decrease mishaps around the tub. Bath
tape, grab bars, and bath chairs are first-line defenses that only require a handyman or elbow
grease to install.  Bathtub cut-outs allow seniors to retrofit their current tub. They facilitate the ease of entering and exiting by literally cutting out part of the tub’s wall to lower the threshold.
Consider walk-in baths when you are ready to invest for the long term. A walk-in bath includes
grab bars attached to the wall, a specially designed seat, and can come with therapeutic
features like hydrotherapy to ease arthritis pain. Walk-in tubs can also accommodate

Whether you are looking ahead to the future to ensure you can age-in-place, or took note after
a minor slip, there are solutions to meet your needs.