Popcorn blessings..

Who would have thought that in this bazaar year that we are wading through that Friday the 13th would be my lucky day. After losing my husband and the last of our 3 kitties that we had loved so much, I couldn’t believe how empty my house felt. So I grabbed a friend and off we went to adopt another fur ball. Almost at once I saw my new baby.

On the way home she tore her way out of the cardboard container in about 15 minutes. I hadn’t had a young kitty I years but I was about to find out what that would be like and I want you to know that it’s rather like a party each day.  The mornings often start with a pat on the nose or all 4 paws walking all over me as it is time for FOOD. Then we have water play which means that “step ‘n fetch” throws cups of water in the tub for her to catch, not caring one bit how wet she is getting. This then calls for a good brushing of that silky coat. Her day is largely consumed with an ever constant vigil through the French doors of the bird feeder and visits (tauntings?) from Sammy the squirrel. This is when she launches herself full force onto the window mullins where she hangs as long as possible hoping for a better view. Then there is the relocation of all her favorite toys up and down the stairs depending where I might be,accompanied by much talking for me to get ready to play.

So my point is she has filled me with so much joy and entertainment and an unheeded need to be responsible for something besides myself.  This has been the best decision for both of us. If you are feeling empty perhaps you  will think about at least investigating a loving little friend. They need us too!

Her name? Popcorn…as she is like those kernels spilling out all over the place and adding so much flavor and warmth  to my life.

Sherwood Preece, Atlanta Ga