A Cute Pet Might Help You Heal


Pets and companion animals can help with healing elderly people, studies show. Researchers claim that no matter how old you are, you never get tired of seeing a happy waggy tail bouncing around the house. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, the love, affection and general cuteness of animals can boost mental health and encourage physical activity – studies even show a reduction in medication. That’s right, that animal attraction might be able to replace some of your pills! 

Studies also show that pets can reduce blood pressure, enhance sociability, provide extra safety and even help with everyday tasks – imagine your doggo collecting your phone from across the room. When trained, it’s possible!

Read more about the healing powers of pets for seniors here – https://www.babyboomers.com/article/discovering-the-healing-power-of-pets-for-seniors/5f089205e4b0e9852af2fb6a