The Most Stylish Haircuts for Older Men in 2020

The hair trends in 2020 are all about distinguishing hairstyles and aging like a fine wine; here’s a quick preview:

  1. The Quiff and Beard – Suitable for all ages (if you’ve still the hair left), the quiff suggests youth at heart and pairs well with a beard of any style.

  2. Hair Twists – For men with afro-textured hair, give your hair a modern update!

  3. Medium length comb over – The comb-over will never die, let it grow out slightly and voila, you’re charming and rugged.

  4. Buzz Cut – Low maintenance, masculine and perfect for those thinning on top. Timeless.

  5. Slick Back – Vintage appeal, perfect for receding hairlines. Look like latter-day David Bowie.

  6. Long Curly Hair Style – Try a curly comb-over with longer hair. Relaxed and modern.

  7. The Ivy League – Look dapper. Short, neat, but with just enough room for styling.


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