Wellness Focused Senior Living Construction Accelerated

COVID-19 is accelerating trends in senior living architecture and design, meaning your future home may be a next-generation, well-ness focused community! Although these developments are costly, the use of technology to protect seniors has become obvious during 2020. Trends suggest that touchless doors, air filtration systems, symptom monitoring devices and outdoor spaces are all catching on. 

Experts predict certified wellness standards will soon become a must-have for senior living facilities. The belief is that these constructions will be far more beneficial than retrofitting existing buildings.  Naturally, questions are arising over prices, but experts believe consumers will be willing to pay the higher prices – “I think you’re selling that wellness… I don’t think it’s going to be tough to get a little bit of a premium for having that new community that has all of those amenities.”

Would you pay the premium for a pandemic-adjusted home?  Read about Senior Home trends in full here – https://seniorhousingnews.com/2020/08/30/pandemic-accelerates-wellness-related-senior-living-design-trends/