Ghost Kitchens (not the haunted kind) for Assisted Living communities

Ghost Kitchens and Microfarms

No, Casper isn’t whipping up a meal at your assisted living facility, but new options within the facilities hope to lure the surge of baby boomers arriving over the next decade. 

Ghost kitchens are trending and growing globally. They are working kitchens that operate without storefronts or dining rooms, offering delivery-only meals. Seniors at Priya Living in San Francisco order from Shef, a ghost kitchen located off-site, and their custom meal arrives at their doorstep a short time later. Residents have various options and more flexibility when they don’t want in-house dining or to cook at home. 

A facility in Virginia provides another option for the healthy senior set by growing vegetables in on-site microfarms that harvest leafy lettuces, edible flowers, and herbs. The residents are gobbling up more fresh salads as they look towards having more involvement with the choices of vegetables they will harvest in the future.

Seniors have new options that are healthier and more convenient to meet their active lifestyles.