Legendary Strategies

Tiger Woods lines up for the shot on the 18th at Augusta National. He is one stroke behind and shooting for an eagle – sinking this would win him his 5th Green Jacket. He lines up the putt, but feeling the pressure, swings through with too much power. The ball rolls right past the hole, forcing another round of golf.

While another round may not seem like punishment, forcing another 5 years of work in order to get your retirement portfolio back to where it was before an impatient decision is anything but enjoyable. In a world that has – in the words of Shawshank Redemption – “gone and got itself in one big hurry”, three institutions still demand obedience to their founding principles of patience and strategy – Golf, investing, and the DMV. Golf is a game that rewards patience and punishes rash decisions. It’s no wonder stock brokers and wall street executives love this game.

With retirement on the horizon for so many, there is little to no room left to make mistakes. Every action must be scrutinized and triple checked – especially since there is no time left on the clock to rectify a mis-step. In that vein, consult this Triple Bogey Checklist to ensure any mis-step can be mitigated and lessened. We call it “Tiger Woods for the Win”…