Test Drive a Dog

The benefits of companionship are well documented, but when deciding if a dog is going to be your new best bud, there is a great option.

Animal shelters across the country are realizing the benefit of having a Doggie Day Out for their adoptable pets. Participants can sign out a dog for a day to take on an adventure either in the area or in their own home. It reduces kennel stress and increases visibility with the “adopt me”gear that is provided for them. It’s a win-win situation for the dogs because if they are not a good match for you, someone else might ask about adoption for themselves.

The right dog should be all about lowering your blood pressure and filling in the gap of one-sided conversations. A personalized look, nudge, hug, or playful movement can set the tone for a great companion. Pouring into each other is truly life-giving for you both.

Click here to read about the program. Or contact your local county animal shelter for more information.

Holly Wynn: Pet Partners Therapy Dog Handler since 2012