Benefits of Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs)

If you’re like 93% of people who would rather stay in your own home than move to care home facilities, then naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs) may be the answer you’re looking for!  Researchers in Canada found that NORCs increase physical activity levels, and decrease social isolation and the use of health-care.

These self-serving communities have enormous potential and will arise naturally as neighborhoods age together. The idea is that with an ongoing sense of independence, seniors are actively engaged in local decisions and surrounded by social networks that help support one another. Similar benefits can be found in village models and co-housing, where members work together to organize events and fund services and support for the community.

With less desire for nursing homes, especially following the pandemic, helping these communities grow is likely to be the future.   You can read more about NORCs and the benefits of community living here: