E-Bikes Will Transform How Seniors Age

Most people can remember that moment in childhood when they sailed across the pavement on two wheels for the first time. A similar feeling of freedom is bubbling up again as seniors climb onto their first e-bikes. 

For active seniors who want to keep up with their grandchildren or those that want to ride their bike to the movie, the e-bike may be the answer. Hills that could be insurmountable for those 60 years and older are now accessible with quiet electric motors purring below them. Studies show that pedaling can alleviate the symptoms of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and e-bikes extend these benefits because they allow seniors to ride longer and more regularly. 

Pressure on communities to provide safe access to roads will increase as e-bikes continue to gain popularity, especially in places where people tend to move during retirement, like Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. As senior biking increases, volunteer-minded folks can lobby local governments to create bike-protected infrastructure, which will benefit young and old alike. One Seattle company said that 82 percent of their e-bike customers are between the ages of 45-84. It may be time to grab that e-bike and join the crowd!