Stylish Face Masks for Today

If you’re bored with the choices of disposable blue face masks – many of which are seen littering grocery store parking lots, then there is a big world of choices available here from patterns to solids to plaids to even a cheery cherry eye-catcher.  Whether you lean toward a simple 100% cotton mask, or if the athletes out there want more high performance materials, filters, and even UV ray blockers, it’s all here! Whether you prefer ear loops or string ties or ..forget those and use a neck gaiter with a nose bridge to keep it from slipping.  View a range of styles from stripes & polka dots to lacy vintage, all the way to solid silk lined with Egyptian cotton and a padded nose bridge.. yes, we are serious.

Ladies even have the new ability to choose from matching face masks & tops or scarves made from  the same cotton material – who saw this coming a year ago?  Browse away here: