67 yr old starts a A Dog Walking Business with Style

What’s your passion?   One 67-year-old gentleman grew up around dogs and had a passion for being in their company. While contemplating a job change when sitting in a park in NYC, he noticed that dog walkers that passed him didn’t look nearly as suave and sophisticated as the pooches they strolled down the pathways. 

Then he had a bright idea and began a new dog walking business with a twist. If the dog owners took such pride in their dogs, wouldn’t they want to take just as much pride as those caring for their pets?  He dresses himself, his employees, and the other dog walkers in a uniform that combines a look that would make Ralph Lauren, Indiana Jones, and the Marlboro Man proud. He also supplies a real leather leash and a yellow neckerchief for each of the dogs. All the dog walkers carry plenty of business cards to hand out to potential clients impressed with what they see. 

Rebranding a business to reflect your style sets you apart from the crowd and creates a customer base that trusts you.   Read HERE for the three classic branding techniques this gentlemanly dog walker incorporates into his business.  You most likely have the style to rebrand a business and jump-start a new career!