Cycling with Trishaws is a “breeze” & combats loneliness

The choice is yours!  You decide if you want to pedal or sit back and enjoy the ride.  An organization that began in Denmark is exploding with affiliates throughout the United States.

Cycling Without Age started in 2012 when one man offered free bike rides to nursing home residents. Today there are 2200 chapters in 50 counties, and thousands upon thousands of volunteers that include recently retired yet active men and women who want to help those who can’t ride on their own any more to stave off loneliness. 

Trishaws are three-wheeled cycles that carry two people in the front with a volunteer pedaling from behind. Most often, conversations develop where both sides learn something from the other. The program is combating loneliness among people who are living in nursing homes or feel isolated. 

Cycling Without Age is experimenting with sharing videos around the world. The passenger films the ride in Copenhagen, and another can vicariously enjoy it online in Minnesota. The possibilities for creativity are endless.  What began with one man’s kindness has allowed over 1.5 million elderly to ride with the breeze in their hair.