2020 Best Kitchen Gadgets for Seniors at home

Do you release your inner Julia Child each night it is time to cook dinner?  Have no fear because new 2020 gadgets for the kitchen will aid when you are preparing meals at home. Your friends will wonder if you just returned from Provence, and admire the way you make it look so easy!

New technology to help open jars, grip bowls, turn on the water, or turn stove knobs transform complicated maneuvers into simple tasks. There are automatic jar openers and lightweight knob turners that slip into your silverware drawers. Mixing bowls with grips will help with baking, especially if you’re holding an electric hand mixer with the other hand. One big issue in the kitchen is standing for long periods on a hard floor. An anti-fatigue mat will reduce pressure in the joints by cushioning the feet and avoiding accidental falls. 

You’ll enjoy company in the kitchen with a talking microwave. It will alert you if you forget there is food in it, and keep you abreast of the running time, power level, and other settings which helps relieve the strain to read them.  Aging-in-place is easier when you have tools that make cooking simple. More time in the kitchen means healthier meals for you and scrumptious desserts when your family arrives for a visit.