Bahamas are Back with refinement & astonishing natural beauty

Only a smidge less than 300 miles separate Florida and those beautiful azure waters.  Take my advice on Rosewood Baha Mar! (link below)  The Bahamian government is reopening its borders to Americans just in time for Thanksgiving and the December holidays.  Right when the chill gets to be too much to handle, they will be ready to welcome us with open arms.  Here are the new guidelines for entry.  Don’t wait to make plans- with so little available to US Citizens right now, the hotels will fill up fast!

Last year Hurricane Dorian decimated the Abacos, and the Pandemic has hit the islands harder than most considering 60% of the country’s GDP is reliant on tourism. But there are sunny skies ahead for this gorgeous archipelago!  Check the links for protocols, as well as my favorites below!

Here are the links to a few of my faves…


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