Hello to the new image of Seniors!

No more rocking chair Seniors for companies who now understand there is a new generation of active adults competing with millennials for gym space and healthy lifestyles.  Perennial, a nutritional beverage, states on their website that only 1 percent of global innovation is geared towards those over 50-years-old, and they aim to change that. 

Their advertisements include buff seniors running on the beach or jumping rope outdoors. These seniors hardly support the stereotypical images of old age.  Perennial’s plant-based drink, called Gut & Brain, focuses on brain health and increasing gut bacteria’s diversity. It has fewer calories and sugar than competitive nutritional drinks, more DHA Omega 3’s and fiber, and its smooth and satisfying taste defies its non-dairy base.

The company’s founders felt frustrated by the lack of innovation for a thriving demographic. Active adults will enjoy the plant-based nutritional drink and appreciate that Perennial is advancing a new brand to portray seniors.  So jump into those hiking or ski boots, and show the world the new face of seniors. Read about Perennial HERE and learn where you can purchase it.