Medicare Brokers are a Wonderful Help, Except When They Aren’t

Choosing a Medicare policy is complicated.   Insurance brokers help you see the forest through the trees and most often offer excellent clarity to the policy best suited for you. 

However, it is your responsibility to that ensure you’re getting all the information to make the best decision. Keep in mind that insurance brokers may represent a limited number of companies. They’ll provide you with the best coverage for those companies they are selling, but there could better solutions for you outside of their offerings. They may also encourage Advantage policies over Supplemental policies (Medigap) because of the commission paid. 

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) has 15,000 federally funded counselors with no conflict of interest, and you can talk to them for free about Advantage and Supplemental plans. SHIP counselors also have access to public resources for which lower-income seniors may qualify.

The bottom line is that you need to expand your research to understand the Advantage or Supplemental Policy that best suits your needs and medical conditions, and you need to talk to more than one person to get that information.  Read HERE for a more in-depth discussion of the issues. 

Is Medicare complicated? Yep, but it’s to your advantage to learn as much as you can before deciding.