Ups & Downs of Social Media for Seniors

When was the last time two days passed without you using your phone or computer to contact family & friends, access information, pay a bill, or watch a movie?  Many Seniors thrive on social media as a way to keep up to date with everyone. It serves to reconnect you with long lost friends, be a source of entertainment, or educate you on in-home repair. 

However, there’s another side to social media that isn’t so bright and rosy.  A new documentary film on Netflix, The Social Dilemma, provides insight into the platforms you use and their ability to manipulate your thoughts. Past executives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter offer facts that drive the companies towards profit. While the film is disturbing, there are outtakes at the end that provide positive solutions.

There are two sides to social media, and it is essential that you educate yourself and understand the benefits and pitfalls of a powerful tool.  Read about the many positives that social media offers seniors HERE

Look HERE to learn more about the film and begin a journey to become more aware about the time you spend online.  There are many ways to enjoy the good of social media, so take a minute to be educated.