A Glamorous Ski Town Experience  (sans skiing!)

Ski towns are a magnet to the rich and famous.  And why not? They offer amazing views, invigorating exercise, incredible nightlife, and wonderful cuisine all wrapped up in a beautiful snowy blanket.  But, many people never experience a ski town simply because they do not ski. 

Simply said; Get your head out of the snow and start packing all the down jackets you own!  Here is a list of some of the best ski towns in North America that have so much more to offer than an epic skiing experience.  They can be great destinations for couples, families, as well as multi generational groups with or without skiers.    https://www.snowpak.com/advice/the-6-best-ski-resorts-for-non-skiers-in-north-america

PS I’m a little partial to #4- I lived in Breck for 2 years after college ( yes,a lifetime ago) and even then the town had so much to offer. I also like Breckenridge because of it’s driving distance from Denver and to Vail (#3) and Leadville.   https://www.leadville.com/

If you are thinking of visiting a ski town in 2020 ( or even 2021), get in touch with me or your travel advisor quickly.  Most resorts are operating at 50% occupancy, so space is very limited!

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