Universal Design: because 3 mill people turn 65 every year for next 2 decades!

Although “the more the merrier” is a fine phrase, it’s wise to plan ahead for hosting this big of a party!  As 3 million individuals turn 65 every year for the next 2 decades, the need for homes to accommodate multi-generational families is growing exponentially.  Although the pandemic and resulting recession have led many families to the decision for aging parents to live at home with them instead of heading to a retirement home, many others are choosing for grandparents to stay home for other reasons, and because it’s becoming simpler to make these easy changes.

Universal Design principals are practical ways to plan ahead. Whether it is motion activated lights coming on in rooms as you enter or installing lighted switches, to replacing faucet handles and door knobs with levers and blade handles, there are plenty of simple modifications in the kitchen and bathroom which will make aging in place ever so much easier and safer.

Read more about Universal Design principals here: https://aginginplace.org/home-remodeling-for-aging-in-place/