Popped collars will flatter your neck & offer ageless style!

As we look in the rear view mirror at the year we turned 50, there are more reasons than ever to consider fashion trends which flatter us.  No longer do we want to focus on our waistline – that’s a tough one to find anymore – but we still can accomplish a stylish look with something as simple as popping a collar.  The way it frames your face is very flattering, and it easily hides wrinkles as well.

From your button down shirt to your jacket or raincoat, give the ageless trick a try and see how it makes you feel! Be confident when you flip that collar up and know you are giving others the confidence to join you.

AgingTopic.com would love to feature photos of our readers who are popping the collar, so we encourage you to send us a picture for a future edition!  Send it to [email protected]

A Trick To Flatter Your Neck

A trick to flatter the neck