How Seniors Can Self Publish Their Own Book

There is no better inspiration to write from than life itself, and seniors have a lot of life to draw from.  Whether your motivation is to generate income or to share your perspective and your story, this outlet can be both fulfilling and These days, there is no need for the difficult task of sealing a publishing deal. There are two routes to self-publishing:

  1. DIY Self-Publishing (Free Publishing)

Services like IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, or Amazon KDP require zero upfront costs. You retain total control of the project and the rights. The platforms make their money from a share of your sales profits. 

  1. Self Publishing with a Service Company

This route only requires you to provide the text to the self-publishing company. They take care of all the technical work. You pay an upfront cost, but usually, keep 100% of the royalties.

To read more about how to self publish your own book, read this guide.