To Gray or Not to Gray, That is the Question

We certainly appreciate gray hair more than the ancient Egyptians. They would color the hair of a corpse to avoid the shame of gray hair in the afterlife.  American culture is embracing gray hair more than they had in the last century when companies introduced home hair color in 1909.

Are you in tune with the hip seniors who are choosing to go au natural? A social media account with over 97,000 followers celebrates the gray hair movement, with followers posting pictures with pride before and after they transitioned to salt and pepper. Even the younger generation is jumping on board. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and other celebrities are dyeing their hair milky-shades of gray and silver. 

Today, seniors have the choice to let their hair transition to gray, cover it up, or add highlights alongside the gray. Let the fun begin!  Learn more here about the history, perception, and revolution of gray hair.   Just like the ad said it the sixties: only your hairdresser will know for sure!