Handsome Attire for Men Over Sixty

Men over sixty have waited a lifetime to retire their suit and tie. Relaxed casual is the norm now, and finding comfortable clothes for all occasions is a pleasure.  What to do with all those button-down white shirts left over from your days of nine-to-five meetings? Open the collar and throw on a v –neck sweater for a debonair look. 

Jackets are a must, as long as you focus on quality. Solid colors or small patterns and tweeds are preferable. Leave the bold colors to the youngsters who are still trying to define themselves.  You will still look good in a new white t-shirt and jeans, but you may want to upgrade your faded jeans with holes in them. Dark rinse jeans emote more sophistication, which you’ve certainly earned. Make sure the jeans have a stylish fit, and the t-shirts avoid controversial slogans or graphics. Solid colored polo shirts are an excellent alternative.

Turtlenecks look informal and add an elegant touch to casual dinners. An added secret is that they minimize the throat or jawline, which may not be as firm and defined as in years past.

Read HERE for a myriad of suggestions on dressing your best in your senior years. The section on footwear and accessories may ensure you are the best-dressed man over sixty (maybe over twenty, as well.) You’ve appeared handsome your entire life. Now others will see you as handsome and distinguished.