Good Surprises Offered with Cataract Surgery

No one wakes up looking forward to developing cataracts! However, there are some benefits to the surgery that may surprise you. Many people initially don’t know if they have cataracts. They request a stronger prescription for their eyeglasses to cure blurry or double vision. However, cataracts may be the cause of your eye woes. Other symptoms of cataracts include light sensitivity, the appearance of halos, or colors that appear dull.  Your first impulse may be to avoid the issue as long as you can, but advancements in the surgery could encourage you to change your opinion and line up at the doctor’s door for surgery…

Good news!  First of all, the procedure only takes around twenty minutes for each eye. Additionally, the physician can correct your vision during the surgery, similar to Lasik. There’s also a lens recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that address far-sightedness, which the doctor can correct at the same time. You may not need reading glasses or contacts ever again.  Improving your vision through surgery can also help you avoid falling, which is a high risk for seniors.

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Great news: One of the benefits of cataract surgery may be that your eyes capture a brighter and clearer world. Enjoy!