New Dining Trends Are Driving Change at Assisted Living Facilities

Today’s seniors are more active and healthy than any previous generation before them. They are bringing new levels of expectations to assisted living facilities as they transition to these senior communities. 

The days of cafeteria-style dining consisting of bland protein and heavy starches is transitioning to flexible meal plans, farm-to-table dining, and restaurant-style seating. Assisted living facilities will allow seniors to make reservations, view menus, or order take-out via their smartphones.  What they are ordering is noteworthy, such as seasonal dishes and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some facilities have partnered with local farms to bring fresh produce on-site. Others have added gardens to their property to grow their own. Indoor farming technology provides a plethora of greens in-house.

We’ll also be seeing more coffee shops, bistros, and pubs on-site at assisted living facilities as older adults choose to transition to places that reflect their more savvy personalities.  Remodeling facilities for more sophisticated dining programs takes time and resources. Assisted living communities will heed the call for fresh, healthy meals customized for today’s seniors.

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When choosing a place in which to transition, you face a myriad of decisions. Make sure the dining options meet your sophisticated demands.