You’ll Never Guess Who’s The Fastest-Growing Segment of the U.S. Workforce..

Seniors! Americans over 65 represent roughly 20 percent of those who are working at least part-time. In the coming decade, the proportion will rise to 30 percent.  Seniors aren’t gracing the halls of corporate cubicles. Instead, they are making up a large part of the gig economy, where part-time jobs, freelance work, and other temporary opportunities flourish. 

Many seniors aren’t ready to call it quits after retiring. While flexible jobs bring in extra cash, the impetus for additional work also stems from a desire to stay active and keep a sharp mind. Gig employment can add a buffer to the savings account in between golf games or babysitting the grandchildren. More importantly, it often matches jobs to your passions.

New online platforms cater to seniors and connect them to part-time jobs in insurance, human resources, accounting, and jobs in national parks.  While a traditional workforce may discriminate against older workers, gig work is age-agnostic. Many of the jobs are online, which is especially helpful while we await the end of this pandemic!

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