Blue Zone Lifestyle: Love living over 100 years!

Researchers studied five communities worldwide, where an impressive number of people lived past 100 years of age and thrived. There were nine characteristics that each location held in common. The researchers dubbed these locations the Blue Zone and itemized the nine tenets to their success.

The Blue Zone Project is a worldwide movement encouraging communities to design public policies, streets, parks, and workspaces so that healthy choices are easy and convenient. If we can’t live in the Blue Zone, we can slowly transition to their diet and lifestyle.

People following the Blue Zone tenets eat a more plant-based diet and drink alcohol in moderation. Walking, biking, and movement are part of their daily routine, not just when they go to the gym. Placing a high value on family and valuing friendships as a vital role in their lives are also central in their lifestyle.

Read HERE for the nine tenets of the Blue Zone and the five Blue Zone communities where longevity is part of life.

Maybe you can gather your friends for a post-pandemic trip to a Blue Zone community in Sardinia or Greece to study their habits first hand!