Steps to Avoid Foodborne Illness in Your Kitchen

As seniors cook more healthy meals using fresh ingredients, it is essential to pay attention to the potential of foodborne illnesses. Almost half of those over 65 end up in the hospital if they become sick from salmonella or other sicknesses from food contamination.

As more people age at home, it’s essential to stay on top of cleaning fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables. Produce can pick up germs from the farm, the store where you purchase them, or your countertop.

The first step in keeping all your food safe is to wash your hands with soap and running water for twenty seconds before you start preparing a meal. The running water ensures the germs travel down the drain.

Did you know that rinsing your meat, pork, or turkey isn’t recommended? It doesn’t make the food safer, and the splashed water could contaminate your kitchen counter. It is more critical that your meat or fish cooks to an internal temperature of over 145 degrees.

All raw food presents a risk, and so you should avoid eating raw eggs such as in a traditional Caesar salad or raw flour mixed in the cake batter.

Read HERE for specific tips on how to keep seven types of everyday food contaminate free.

Once you have the best practices down, you can continue along as chef extraordinaire!