At any given time, exercise can be quite challenging. Add the agitations of 2020 and it can really overcook your grits. However, the ideal solution may be a personal trainer that is available to you 24/7 and already living in your home.

Our pets are receiving increased recognition for their therapeutic benefits, both mentally and physically. Don’t let their laissez faire attitude fool you into thinking that exercise would not be a capital idea at any time. When feeling physically unmotivated, the same way your “boneless” dog looks, go for the ask.

Let’s take a walk” will probably deserve a video recap of your pet’s leaping wipe-out off the chair to beat you to the door. Most dogs will increase your normal walking pace. However, for those that are constantly checking pee-mail, a gentle but constant tug on the leash will not only work your arm muscles, but will also remind them that this walk is more about you.

Inclement weather options include doga (yoga with your dog), stair climbing to a great tune, and even hide and seek (good for squats, lunges, and laughter).

You are bound to feel more energized afterward and inspired for your next activity of the day. All this for the bargain rate of a grateful dog that will feel repurposed in his household contribution.

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Holly Wynn: Pet Partners Therapy Dog Handler since 2012