Don’t hide those laugh lines!

Don’t hide those laugh lines! There is no reason to cover up with heavy makeup. Enhance your best features with light and flattering techniquesA makeup artist whose work has graced the covers of Vogue magazine for decades offers small tricks to bring out your best.

A heavy foundation will draw more attention to wrinkles. A light, hydrating foundation followed by a lightweight concealer will appear more natural. Choose a foundation color that is a shade warmer than your skin, and then add a bronzer to continue to add more warmth.

Forget about tweezing your eyebrows. You want to save every eyebrow you have, trim them if necessary, and fill in arches with hair-like strokes.

Applying blush no longer means smiling and highlighting your cheekbones as you did in years gone past. Nor do you want a thickening formula for your mascara. Should you use black or brown eyeliner? There are myths about both.

Read HERE for detailed tips and all the techniques to keep your look fresh and ageless. You will appear natural, age-appropriate, and beautiful as you are.