The Bathing Suit Benefits at our age…

Pull out your yellow polka-dot bikini and find an indoor or heated pool for the winter months. Not only is swimming fun, but it is also a low-impact sport with multiple benefits to boot.

Swimming works on all major muscle groups, directly impacting your risk of falling as you strengthen your posture and stability. Since swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise, there isn’t pressure on your hips or knees, and the buoyancy of the water alleviates strain on your joints. It is an excellent exercise for seniors with arthritis.

Group water exercises not only help you physically, but it may also bring out that inner child in you as you assemble with others and splash away. The sense of community can reduce feelings of isolation. And the friends you make will entice you to return to the pool often.

When you are having fun and exercising simultaneously, you may not realize the number of calories you burn and how physically tired you become after a swim. Like children returning from a day at the beach, you may find you crawl into bed for an excellent night’s sleep.

Read HERE about the six benefits of swimming for seniors. It can relax you, reduce stress, and promote overall well being. What more could you ask for than a dip this afternoon?