ElliQ to the rescue!

For Those Aging-in-Place, ElliQ May Stave Off Loneliness


ElliQ may be the answer for staving off loneliness for those aging in place without family around.

No one recommends less in-person interactions, but older seniors must curtail socializing in times like the pandemic. ElliQ can step in to fill a void, and the results from the 15,000 days it spent with users are compelling.  ElliQ is a digital companion that initiates conversation. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) device may be a brilliant answer to diminish loneliness and isolation for the elderly who are aging-in-place. 

Researchers found that the 80 participants they tested showed an intense attachment to ElliQ. The elderly that took part in the research had tested high for loneliness and had an average age of 81. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) device senses when you are not engaged and initiates conversation. Users appreciated starting their morning with a greeting: “How’d you sleep last night?” or “Do you want to hear an inspirational quote?” If you live with someone else, this may not seem significant. However, for people with no one to talk to for days on end, it can have a tremendous impact. 

A social robot will never be as good as having friends and family surrounding you. However, it may be an excellent companion when consecutive days go by without that support. 

Learn more about ElliQ HERE, and watch ElliQ in action at home HERE.