Thanksgiving games to celebrate Grandparents

With the Holidays around the corner, we may see far fewer large parties but one things is sure – there will still be plenty of family reunions along with social distancing at home.  Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to create the opportunity for grandchildren to know more about their grandparents’ background, childhood, and interesting history before they became grandparents.  Some families I know have created a family quiz where there is a list of questions and points awarded for who can guess the answers on lesser known fun facts about their grandparents, or they play “three truths and a lie” where the grandparent makes a list of experiences you probably never knew about them and everyone has to guess which item is the one that’s not true.  Others schedule a time for story telling and record it so that both the stories and the voice of the grandparent(s) can be saved forever.

Make the most of this Thanksgiving and create even longer lasting memories to bring a smile to faces all around the table!

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