When It Comes to Fashion, Embrace Your Age!

The women over fifty who turn heads are often those who don’t use the latest trends to define themselves. Elegance expresses itself in understatement.

Seniors who choose classic looks don’t allow their clothes to compete for attention. If you dress age-appropriately, others will focus on what great shape you are in, your stylish haircut, or how healthy you look. If women over fifty don the fashions meant for girls half their age, they tend to look older than they are. Mini skirts and high-heels will quickly bring unflattering attention.

It is always safe to stick to a classic style and then play with modern touches to complement the final look. If you are an adventure traveler, add pieces that you acquired on past journeys. If you are the sporty type, add a casual yet classy jacket. There are many ways to convey your personality, which will shine through as others notice how elegant you are.

The bottom line is that women over fifty are wiser with a keener sense of self due to years of experience. The clothes and accessories you choose will help radiate that self-confidence.

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