Clinical Trials for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

How does it feel to be highly sought after…  Researchers are looking for you!  The push to discover new ways to treat Alzheimer’s will continue until there is a cure. As of January of this year, there are more than 225 active clinical trials related to Alzheimer’s and dementia, and more funding continues to be available. 

Effective drugs are challenging to develop for progressive brain disorders. Unlike other diseases, researches can’t depend on animal trials because it is a human-only disease. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is studying ways to make it easier for people to participate in clinical trials.  Most of the studies today will impact future generations, but the results could positively impact your current symptoms if you participate in the trial. 

You must have a clinical diagnosis of dementia as the first step for acceptance, and be willing to provide imaging scans of your brain, blood tests, and cognitive assessments. There must also be a partner or spouse available to get the patient to the appointments and fill out necessary surveys and paperwork.  Finding a clinical trial near you is as easy as searching NIH’s website, and there is a link in the article.  The next breakthrough may be the one you need, and you can help others by participating in the research to find it.