Cooking at Home with Jacques Pepin

Mon Dieu!! A French baguette made with a food processor? Jacques Pepin, iconic chef, TV personality, and author of over 30 cookbooks, says that Julia Child’s recipe for French baguette may taste better, but this version does taste good. He suggests trying them both, although Julia’s recipe is close to 12 pages long.

Pepin has posted 160 three-minute recipes on Facebook since the pandemic began. His new cookbook, Quick and Simple, offers the antithesis of long, complicated French recipes. A Thanksgiving pumpkin gratin calls for canned pumpkin, light cream, Swiss cheese, and a few eggs.

What is most important is a shared meal and good family conversation. He professes to keep it simple and always use leftovers. One of his favorite recipes is cheese mishmash. All you have to do is throw old pieces of cheese into the food processor with white wine and garlic. A few spins later, and you have an excellent spread for crackers.

Throughout Pepin’s career, he peppers fun with his food. Seniors familiar with Howard Johnson’s Restaurants will remember its famous clam chowder during the 1960s when Pepin was at the helm.

Read HERE for some of Pepin’s best tips. If you are tired of pandemic cooking, his recipes may be the perfect antidote!