New Dating Rules are familiar from Generations Ago…

It’s not so easy to grab dinner and a movie with a love interest these days. With movie theaters closed and restaurants only providing limited seating, the new first date is going virtual.

If you live alone, how many dinners do you want to eat all by yourself? Why not make it a fun experience? Schedule a dinner ‘date’ with someone you’ve connected with online, and you can each enjoy a glass of wine with a meal in the comforts of your home. Chat away on Zoom or Facetime in the time that it would take you to drive to an appropriate meeting place.

A significant advantage of dinner or coffee over Zoom is that you have more time to get to know the person. It’s like dating the old-fashioned way. Our grandparents spent many evenings on the porch swing with a potential beau before their parents condoned a date. Conversations create intimacy.

The best part is that when you eventually meet, and if there isn’t any chemistry, you still have a new best friend! When you’re not looking specifically for love, lots of happy connections may occur.

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