A man, their dog, & a memory

She comes bounding along the beach, the water lapping at her paws. Her fur is so beautiful, glistening with the setting sun’s rays. Our dog Lisa loves the beach. Every evening, she will go to the door, whining and wagging her tail furiously, a clear indication that she wants to go strolling, or in her case, running. We do this twice a week, thrice if my knees are up to it. Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

We used to come every day with my wife, Sellah. Leaning on the rocks and enjoying the setting sun on our faces… in silence.  She liked that.  Said she was listening to the ocean.

The weather at this time of year is beautiful. It is sunny for the most part – Sellah loved it. She would bake her cookies and leave them cooling as we went for our walk.  She would talk the whole way to the beach, but suddenly (and gently) go quiet when we got there. She loved walking barefoot on the sand, with her hair loose. When we went back home afterwards, she would sit outside on the porch with some tea, a few cookies and, of course, her knitting. Lisa curled up at her feet. I would be given a smoothie of something healthy she wanted me to try.

I come to the beach now to close my eyes and not listen to the ocean, but to Sellah. It’s just as though she is leaning on the rock next to me again.  I’m glad to have our dog who keeps me moving, and I believe she knows just how much her companionship means to me now.