Is It the Wine or Is It Your Friends?

By now, you know that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol increases longevity, lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and pulmonary disease. However, new research shows that it may not be the moderate drinking that produces positive health outcomes, but that moderate drinkers were socializing more!

Researchers studied the correlation of depression and socializing between those who abstained from drinking and moderate drinkers. They found that moderate drinkers had a more active social life and exhibited lower rates of depression. The study showed that alcohol consumption alone didn’t affect the depression rate.

Happy hour, it turns out, may have a lasting impact on mood and health. The researchers weren’t downplaying the potential benefits of a glass of wine; they simply found that the camaraderie that occurs when sharing a drink plays a more critical role in elevating one’s mood.

There’s genuinely no downside to whichever theory you follow. Enjoying your wine and enjoying your friends appears to have a lasting effect on your health and well being. Call or Zoom a friend and drink up!

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