Writing Your Memoirs to Improve Your Health

What will your Family remember about you generations from now when you’re a Great Great ….?

You’ve lived a full life, and have plenty of wisdom to share. Writing a memoir can leave an imprint for your future progeny to explore. It could also provide education and entertainment for others. However, there’s another significant contribution writing may offer.

Writing offers benefits to your health when you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys). When people write down their life events, it helps them make sense of those experiences. Clarity can create a sense of calm and relieve stress. Researchers conducted a study that showed wounds healed faster when the patients spent twenty minutes a day for three days writing about a traumatic event.

Online classes, adult education, and bookstores provide ways for seniors to learn to write a memoir. You may not land on the bestsellers list with your first attempt, but you will enjoy many other benefits! Whether you want to share your experiences with the world or leave behind a creative form of family history, writing your memoir can be a lot of fun, as well.

Read HERE on the benefits to your health that writing accomplishes. Look for future articles on how to get started.