How to Know If It’s a Cold, the Flu, or COVID?

Have you coughed in the last few months and panicked that you have COVID? With so many similar symptoms among the cold, flu, and COVID, it is no wonder that anything amiss causes immediate worry.

While there are differences, it is imperative to contact your health care provider so that they can determine the necessity of a COVID or flu test. In the meantime, ensure that you get a flu shot, as researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that those who had a flu vaccine had a lower chance of getting COVID.

You may have COVID if you lose your sense of smell or taste, have a fever or a dry cough, or experience nausea or diarrhea. If you don’t have shortness of breath, then it is probably a nagging cold. While the flu tends to strike fast, sending you quickly to bed, COVID symptoms will begin slowly and gradually worsen.

Read HERE for details on how to discern among the illnesses. Staying vigilant and contacting your health care professional early will serve you best.