The Best Thanksgiving for One

Since so many aren’t traveling this year, let’s give thanks for being able to cook, serve, and delight in a day you create for yourself. Pumpkin ice cream for breakfast? Why not! A chopped turkey salad with cranberries? Have fun on the one Thanksgiving in your life where every tradition can be thrown out the window.

Since you don’t have to suffer jet lag or crazy crowds at the airports, you can start the day with an old movie and a glass of wine (we won’t tell anyone.) However, if you do want to go a more traditional route, choose recipes that serve two or more so you will be sure to have leftovers.

You can choose to order take out and eat in your dining room elegantly set with fine china and silver. Or create a new dish. Remember, this is the year you don’t have to use the family recipe from 1920.

Read HERE for an elegant dinner for one provided by the Denver Post. A roast turkey leg and simple homemade stuffing are easy to manage. The skillet-crisped brussels sprout leaves with balsamic vinegar could become a tradition no matter who shows up next year.

Make a big dessert. You deserve it. And the pumpkin ice cream is most likely gone anyway.